Monday, October 1, 2007

Comment Paper for 10/15 and Final Paper Draft

We have a week off due to the Thanksgiving break. I am only assigning one comment paper for that period since you have a paper draft to work on. For your comment paper, please email me a summary of Williamson's main points in Chapter 2 and comment on how successful you think his overall arguments for those points have been so far. Several of the comment papers have focused on good things to think about, but they are decidedly "tree"-oriented rather than "forest"-oriented. So I want you to think about how Williamson uses the particular issues he discusses in detail in support of his larger points and how well he's supported those points. This is to help you think about the "forest"--what his goals are and why he's talking about what he's talking about. Please email your comment to me by the usual time on Sunday, Oct. 14. Do not post this one to the blog.

As for the final paper draft: You will receive detailed instructions for the outline once you discuss your topic with me and not a moment before. This is intended to ensure that you will discuss your topic with me. So send me an email regarding your thoughts on particular topics.

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